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Friday Fighter :: Jonah Delang, Age 4

Jonah and his parents on his birthday

Jonah and his parents on his birthday

Good evening, Advocates and Fighters!

While I know it's customary to kick back on Friday night (and I did have some good fun in my sewing room earlier), there are families among us who don't have that luxury. They're in hospital rooms for treatment and emergencies or at home managing symptoms. Their children are fighting for their lives against the vicious beast of cancer. So, I interrupt your Friday night to remind you about childhood cancer. About all the kids who didn't start school this fall because of cancer. About all the dreams cut short by cancer. About... darn it, I've made myself cry. And cry we should-- and then we should DO SOMETHING. 

Jonah Delang

Jonah Delang has fought cancer twice in his just barely 4 years. He was first diagnosed on December 8, 2014 at the age of 15 months with neuroblastoma and recently beat back the disease a second time. While Jonah is currently NED (no evidence of disease)-- can I get an amen? -- his quality of life is still deeply affected by cancer. Just last week Jonah spent his birthday in the hospital because of the side effects of immunotherapy treatments and a lack of effective ways to treat pediatric cancer patients. His mama's post about that struck me as significant and poignant:

September 5th, 2017:
In addition to being his birthday, today was supposed to be Jonah's first day of preschool. While it would have been so hard and a little sad for me to send him off to school for the first time, it is monumentally harder to not be afforded the opportunity. I LOVE seeing all of your first day of school pictures but I'm also terribly sad I'm not able to post one of my own. All I ask is that you appreciate how fortunate you are to be able have first day of school pictures. There are SO MANY kids spending this day very sick in a hospital bed. This floor contains at least 40-50 beds and they are all full and have been all weekend. 
Our kids need more than 4% funding. Our kids need to have the opportunity to go to play without have parties at be kids.

The first thing I hope you recognize here is the need for AWARENESS and FUNDING about and for childhood cancer treatment. Second, throughout the Delang families posts, I read the exhaustion and discouragement from years of fighting an elusive, vicious, potentially lethal disease. Quilts for Cure exists to stand in the gap between these families and hopelessness. Each family that receives a quilt (and a quilt is in progress for Jonah now!) is receiving a gift of love, encouragement, and beauty to add a touch of home to wherever they are staying for the battle. 


1) Share Jonah's story/ Quilts for Cure on social media. 

2) Support Quilts for Cure financially so that we can spread the word and ship more quilts

3) Make a Quilt!

Oh, and please leave a note of encouragement for Jonah and his family in the comments! 

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