General Updates

General Updates

2019: Looking Ahead

QuiltCon 2018 Michael Miller / Quilts for Cure Collaboration

Happy New Year, Quilts for Cure Rockstars!

First and foremost, THANK YOU to all you amazing quilters and donors who have given of your time, money, skills, and supplies this year. We are blessed to work with amazing companies like Aurifil thread, Michael Miller Fabrics, and Hobbs batting, but the day to day action comes from YOU.

2018 started and ended strong for Quilts for Cure, but we had a bit of a messy middle. We made 9 quilts with Micheal Miller Fabrics for QuiltCon 2018, collected blocks last February to make 30+ Operation Smiley Quilts (about 1/3 of which have been finished, and another third are with quilters now), and provided about 35 quilts (updated) to children across the country this year. Most of that quilt-giving happened right after QuiltCon and again at the end of the year. Our newest recipient was Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Aflac Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders who excitedly took a dozen quilts right before Christmas to distribute to their kiddos for the holiday.

We doubled our fundraising this year for a total of $1917 USD raised. Like last year, this money was used for two main goals: marketing (website, business cards) and shipping quilts / quilt kits.

Quilts for Cure 2018

The reason more of last year’s specific goals didn’t come to fruition was simple: lack of infrastructure. As of tonight, our Salesforce platform is nearly built, and it will enable us to stay exceptionally well organized in 2019 to make sure that requests— both for quilts and to make quilts— are tracked in a timely, efficient way. This platform will be complete by the end of the week so we are set up for success in 2019.

In 2019, my hopes for Quilts for Cure are simple:

  • Make more quilts (50+)

  • Raise the money needed to make and ship those quilts (about $5000)

  • Encourage kids with cancer, and their families, through the first two goals

Thank you for being part of this work with us. Please continue to support Quilts for Cure through your financial and quilty giving!

Go gold,

HollyAnne (And the QFC board)

Quilts for Cure 2018

General Updates, Operation Smiley

Introducing Leopold the Longarm

String and Story Studio

Hello everyone!

As you may have seen on social media this weekend, I have some terribly exciting news! A generous quilter named Sally donated a Tin Lizzie 18 longarm to Quilts for Cure, and we picked it up and set it up on Saturday!

Leopold the Longarm

For those of you who don't quilt, a long arm, sometimes called a "quilting machine," is a large sewing machine set on a frame so as to quilt very efficiently. When quilting on a domestic ("normal") sewing machine, you have to push and shove and scrunch the bulk of the quilt through the harp or throat (the space between the needle and the machine), and that slows things down a good bit (hence why I'm still quilting the #OperationSmiley quilts all these months later). With a longarm, the machine moves across the quilt, and it's much faster.

Longarm Practice

This longarm, who I'm affectionately calling Leopold, is a game changer for Quilts for Cure. It will make it easier to complete quilts and get them out to kids in treatment. It will make it easier for me to test ideas for Quilt Alongs (like the one coming soon). And, if y'all are game, it might even give me the courage to tackle another #OperationSmiley next February.

Longarm Wholecloth Quilt

I've been working hard on my machine quilting skills, so Sunday I put them through their paces to see how things translated into working on Leopold. I was so pleased with the results, that I've squared it up and will put a nice blue binding on it to make a baby boy quilt. Yesterday, I finished piecing #OperationSmiley quilt #8 and loaded it up. By george, I'm spoiled already-- the whole thing was quilted in just an hour or so! I can't wait to bind it, and get going on #9!

Operation Smiley 9

I hope y'all are as excited as I am! Thank you, Sally!!


  1. Make a Quilt to give to one of the 40,000 children in treatment for pediatric cancer in the United States
  2. Give money to Quilts for Cure so that we can make more quilts and contribute to research for a cure
  3. Spread the word with everyone you know about Quilts for Cure-- share on your social media, with your quilt guild, etc.

Oh, and a quick update on Abri-- Her family received the most marvelous news this weekend that she has NOT relapsed! It's a bit complicated as to why the original test results were  misleading, but this is wonderful, wonderful news. As she is still facing several surgeries to repair her leg and replace the bone that Ewings Sarcoma destroyed, two fabulous quilters, Amy and Jen, are collaborating to make her a quilt to keep her cozy through the rest of her recovery.

More soon!


General Updates, Quilts for Cure

Quilts for Cure Action Items

This quilt is shipping out to a 3 month old baby girl who starts chemo this week

This quilt is shipping out to a 3 month old baby girl who starts chemo this week

Hello, Everyone! 

Thank you for your patience-- we continue to be busy behind the scenes, and I wanted to take a few minutes to update y'all about what we have coming up and how you can help our cause today and moving forward.

If you're new to the Quilts for Cure website, Welcome! We are a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to raise awareness about childhood cancer, honor children who are fighting or who have fought for their lives against this terrible disease, provide children in treatments with quilts for warmth and encouragement, and fundraise for a CURE. We are mobilizing quilters and others outside the immediate experience of childhood cancer to come around these kids and their families as support and strength.


You can both request a quilt for a child or donate a quilt to a child by clicking HERE. We are building a network of treatment hospitals across the country, so we will help you donate your quilt to the hospital nearest you or connect you with a specific child's request.


If you are a quilter, mark your calendars for mid-July when we will begin our first Quilt Along! I'm working on a sample quilt now (you can see it in progress at the top), and am totally in love! It's a simple block that allows us to play with color, and there will be three size options depending on the fabric and time you are able to invest. Of course, we will encourage you to donate the quilt when it is finished, and we are inviting sponsors to make financial pledges per quilt so that by donating your quilt you will also be securing more money for pediatric cancer research. Isn't that amazing?? I'm so excited!


Financial : In order to get as many people involved in the quilt along as possible, we want to get creative about spreading the word. Plus, we want to make sure that there's cool swag available for all of you that tells the world about Quilts for Cure and that you are a proud supporter of kids with cancer. In short, we need money to get this show on the road to as many people as possible. Please give now to show your support and help us have a bigger impact!

Eyeballs : Share this post. Help us get the word out about the prevalence of childhood cancer, the desperate need for better treatment options, and the need to rally support around these families. So, please, Share, share, share!

Travel Points : Do you travel a lot for work and have lots of hotel and airline points? We can use those points to visit quilt guilds and organizations across the country and encourage them to join our fight against childhood cancer. Email john (at) to donate your points.

In reality, there are many more needs I could list here because childhood cancer is so big and terrible,  and there's so much fighting to do. But I'll focus on these needs for now. Spread the word. Make a donation. Make a quilt. Join the quilt along. Share your travel points. 

43 kids were diagnosed with cancer today. And yesterday and tomorrow. Last week, one of those kids was a three month old baby girl in Ohio. The fear and suffering her family is facing right now is unacceptable. We send a quilt for comfort and as a symbol that we are fighting with her, with them. Join the fight!

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @quiltsforcure, and please be sure to sign up for our newsletter which will launch soon.

For the kids,


President and Chair

PS Remember that we are a 501(c)(3) organization, so all of your donations are tax deductible.