Quilts for Cure

Exciting Things: QuiltCon and Quilt Donations


Hello Everyone!

We've been busy busy as usual! As you may know, I journeyed to Savannah last weekend for the Modern Quilt Guild's annual QuiltCon. I had Saturday on the show floor, and it was a very exciting day of networking and admiring quilts. I hope that I'll have some exciting new relationships to announce to y'all in the weeks and months ahead. And, if you'd like to read more about QuiltCon in general, I wrote a summary article on my String and Story Blog that includes lots of pictures of amazing quilts.


Speaking of relationships, I was able to connect with the folks at Aurifil at the show. Aurifil is sending thread from their headquarters in Italy to finish the #OperationSmiley quilts. I loved being able to thank Brad and Alex in person!

The Quilt Alliance is an organization who is dedicated to the documentation of quilt stories. I had brought 3 quilts with me (one #OperationSmiley quilt and two E Pluribus Unum Quilts), so I made video recordings about their significance. When the links go up, I'll be sure to share!

FullSizeRender_1 2.jpg

The second #OperationSmiley quilt top is up on my design wall now, and we are up to a total of 150 blocks-- 7.5 quilts! We still have need of 100% cotton batting for completing some of the quilts, so if you have any connections for that, please email me at hollyanne (at) quiltsforcure.org.


Also in the wake of all this excitement, Quilts for Cure is now accepting completed quilts for donation! We are only donating to two hospitals here in Atlanta for now, but we are working on expanding our network. Our goal is for you, dear quilter, to be able to donate to a hospital in your state or region so that you are literally blessing your neighbors. All the donation information is available on our Donate Quilts page.


1) Email me if you have any leads on batting donations. Please remember that we're not a 501(c)(3) yet, so we can't work with companies that require that at this time.

2) Consider making a quilt to donate. All the information is listed on our Donate Quilts page. 

3) We need children to feature on our Friday Fighters segment. If you would like us to tell you child's story, please email john (at) quiltsforcure.org.


Keep fighting,