Friday Allies

Friday Allies: Craftsy


Hey Everyone--

Before I introduce today's ally, I have some hard news. Trucker Dukes passed away this morning (3/3/17) in his mama's arms. Please take a moment to pause and honor Trucker's life and his fight against childhood cancer.  Moving forward, please keep the Dukes family in your thoughts and prayers.


Today's Ally is Craftsy, a place for the "endlessly curious and insatiably creative." Craftsy is best known for its online video classes, but they also sell crafting supplies and patterns. As y'all know, it has been a bit challenging to find batting sponsors for #OperationSmiley. But when I reached out to Craftsy, they had a box in the mail to me by the end of the week. And they tucked in some fabric, too!

I highly recommend Craftsy if you are looking for a community of creative learners. I learned basic quilting techniques-- and, perhaps most importantly, how to safely use a rotary cutter-- on Craftsy. And, if you are already a quilter, you might consider expanding your library with my girl Christa Watson's class, The Quilter's Path. In addition, Craftsy offers classes about a variety of non-quilts topics: knitting, cooking, art, and more!

Craftsy, thank you so much for your generosity and for being part of #OperationSmiley! And thank you, June, for being the loveliest of contacts! Y'all can find Craftsy on their website, on Instagram, or on Facebook.


1) Leave a COMMENT telling Craftsy thank you for supporting #OperationSmiley

2)Leave a COMMENT of condolence on Trucker's Facebook Page for his family

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Thank you for joining our fight against childhood cancer!