Friday Allies

Friday Allies: The Warm Company


Hey Everyone!

I know it's Tuesday, not Friday, but Quilts for Cure has received a lot of generosity lately, and there are kiddos I want to feature on Fridays, so we're going to mix it up a bit and share about The Warm Company today.

The Warm Company is based in Washington state and was founded in 1979, and they are my go-to for batting because of the quality and accessibility of their product. They are also an American based company with an American made product: "3 million pounds of American cotton – grown by American farmers – processed annually in our American factories by American workers for Quilting – an American tradition proudly shared around the world – We are The Warm Company."

As y'all know, finding willing batting donors has been the hardest part of #OperationSmileybecause many companies either only give to 501(c)(3) organizations, or they sell batting at a steep discount (which is still too expensive for us since we aren't fundraising yet). The Warm Company sells discounted batting to non-profits but they also have prepackaged boxes of batting to send to initiatives like ours who are just getting started.

We received 1 queen size batting and 2 baby sized 100% Cotton Battings from The Warm Company. In all, that's enough for about 3 #OperationSmiley quilts! Many thanks to Lindsey in Customer Service and The Warm Company for helping #OperationSmiley succeed!


1) Leave a comment for The Warm Company telling them Thank You for being part of #OperationSmiley

2) Share the blog post from last week about the E Pluribus Unum Project. I am actively working on the Georgia and Florida quilts, but I am collecting names of childhood cancer fighters in all 50 states.

3) Invite your friends to like and follow Quilts for Cure on Facebook and Instagram

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm! 16 more blocks have already arrived this week and word is spreading about the E Pluribus Unum Project! Looking ahead, our incorporation will hopefully be approved any day now, and then we will be able to start fundraising so that we can pursue an even greater impact in the lives of brave families fighting against childhood cancer and give money to CURE Childhood Cancer's research projects to help find a CURE!

Go Gold,