Friday Fighters

Friday Fighter: Derek Cantor, 5 months

Derek Cantor

Hey Everyone,

Today I want to share with you a little bit about Derek Cantor's short, extremely difficult fight with Rhabydosarcoma. I want to give you a head's up, though, that this muscular cancer is difficult to view in its later stages. I want to show you the heartbreaking pictures of Derek's fight because it is important that we understand the pain and gravity of his cancer, but please use discretion-- especially if your own children are nearby.

Derek's Quilt by Vicki Holloway

I learned about Derek's story a couple of weeks ago and asked Board Secretary Vicki to finish a quilt for him. We agreed that the quilt should be larger than baby sized because we knew it was likely that little Derek's battle would end before his quilt arrived. In this instance, we hope that this quilt, which heads their way tomorrow, will bring comfort to his parents as they grieve their little boy.


Derek Cantor was born on November 17, 2016. When he was born, he already had rhabydosarcoma tumors on his chin and neck. This muscular cancer is made of cells that should have developed into Derek's skeletal muscles, but instead they became cancer. From birth, Derek endured aggressive treatments for several months before entering hospice care this spring. As his tumors progressed, they caused him extreme pain, even blistering his skin and making it painful to be held. Derek passed away in his sleep on April 23, 2017.


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