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Friday Fighter: Katherine The Brave King, Age 7


Good morning!

I sat down to write about Katherine The Brave last night, but I was tired from a long week and just felt like I should wait till this morning when my mind is fresh so I can write well and honor her memory.

Katherine "Katie" King was born on February 26, 2009. She was an "old soul," full of personality and intelligence and creativity. At the age of six, Katherine was diagnosed with DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a highly aggressive tumor at the base of the brain with a 0% (ZERO percent) survival rate and only a 9 month average survival period after diagnosis. Furthermore, DIPG has 0 (ZERO) treatment options, and pediatric brain cancers collectively receive only 1% of the National Cancer Institutes annual funding (All pediatric cancers collectively receive less than 4% of the NCI's annual funding).

After Katherine was diagnosed on June 2, 2015, her mama, Jaime, began searching the internet for wisdom from people who had gone before her on this heart breaking road. Sadly, she found very little information because many people do not talk about pediatric cancer, even when they have experienced it, because it is so painful. Jaime decided that she would document Katherine's journey, to make it her personal mission to make people MAD at childhood cancer.


Get MAD. Get mad that Katherine died from DIPG on June 6, 2016 at age 7. Get mad that her family had no options. Get mad that there are 300 families in the US each year that are sent home to watch their child die because there are no treatments for DIPG. Get mad that less than 4% of the NCI annual funding goes to children. Get mad and DO SOMETHING!



1) Share this blog post so that more people know about DIPG and childhood cancer. Encourage people to take ACTION.

2) Give Make a donation to CURE Childhood Cancer. In the comments of your donation write, "In Honor of Katherine the Brave King for DIPG research. Quilts for Cure Friday Fighter Initiative."

3) Honor I want to share your child's story as a Friday Fighter and honor them as part of the E Pluribus Unum Project. Please email me at hollyanne (at)

Fight on,


PS Thank you, Jaime, for allowing me to use y'all's Facebook Page as a resource. Y'all check out this Babble article about Jaime's mission, too.