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Hello again, friends and fighters!

Some long-cooking things are coming together here at Quilts for Cure, including the conclusion of #OperationSmiley 2017 and the launch of the long-awaited #MoreThan4QAL!

#OperationSmiley Quilts

First: #OperationSmiley. I have six completed quilts here with me, two more are nearly bound in Michigan, and I'll finish the last two here in the next couple of weeks. Then, I hope to have an epic photoshoot with all ten before donating them all via our friends at CURE Childhood Cancer. All ten of these quilts are made from donated blocks, donated/ sponsored supplies, and volunteer time. THANK YOU to everyone who participated! I'll do an official wrap up post with gorgeous photos, but I can't say thank you enough times. Plus, with the addition of Leopold the Longarm, etc, I hope we'll be able to another (even bigger) #OperationSmiley next year!

More Than 4 Quilt Along

Second: Our next project is the #MoreThan4QAL! If you've been following along on Instagram, you may recognize this quilt as something I've been working on for awhile. It's finally time to get this show on the road, just in time for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September!

What: Making quilts that simultaneously protest the low funding provided for childhood cancer research (less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute's annual budget) while providing beautiful comfort and encouragement to children currently in treatment

Who: Individual and groups of quilters (hint: this would make a marvelous guild project that would take no time at all)

When: August and September 2017 (fully completed quilts are to be donated by the end of September. If you need help knowing where to donate, you can email me at hollyanne (at) quiltsforcure (dot) org. If you would like me to quilt, finish, and donate your quilt top via our UFO Disposal Service, you'll find those instructions HERE. 

How: Get the FREE pattern (with three sizes) by signing up for our Newsletter (this will also make sure you stay in the loop for this and future projects)


What if I'm not a quilter? No fear! First, please also sign up for our Newsletter and share about what we are doing on social media. Second, consider donating financially to our work. Here are some examples of what donations of all amounts help pay for:

$5 - ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram

$10 - spool of high quality cotton thread

$25 - backing or batting for one quilt

$50 - box of high quality business cards or post cards

$75 - all the materials for one E Pluribus Unum Quilt

$100 - shipping for four quilts to children whose families have requested a quilt


Thank you, everyone! Let's get quilting and donating to encourage these kids to kick cancer's butt!

Go gold,


PS Read the update post with the Schedule and FAQs HERE