E Pluribus Unum Project

Introducing the E Pluribus Unum Project


Hey Everyone!

#OperationSmiley is moving along marvelously (I think we're going to make 10 quilts!), so I thought it was time to introduce you to another big effort we have going on: The E Pluribus Unum Project.

The E Pluribus Unum Project is a series of art quilts made to honor children who have fought or are fighting childhood cancer. I am creating a total of 102 36x36 inch quilts-- 2 per state, plus one for Washington DC and one representing the US as a whole. The front of the quilts feature either the silhouette of a state or the silhouette of  a state capital skyline, and on the backs of the quilts I am writing the names of children. The goal is for these quilts to be displayed together with both sides of the quilts showing so that the fronts are beautiful pieces of art and the backs create a "memorial wall," not unlike the Vietnam Memorial in DC, to honor these brave children.


Sadly, I know that there are more than enough names of kids on our country to fill the backs of all of these quilts. But many people don't realize that, so it's important that we spread the word, fill these quilt backs with names, and help people understand how heartbreakingly common childhood cancer really is.

A number of families have already sent me their children's names, and I'm so thankful! (And if you have emailed me, and you don't see your name, please email me again! I don't want to miss anyone!!) Current roll call:


Katherine King*


Kylie Myers*

Bailey Moody

Grant Gossling*

Brandon P.

William O'Donovan

Piper Needham*

Beck Needham

Hodge Rivers

Andrew Appert

Anna Mott


Trucker Dukes*


Joshua Purrenhage


Naomi Black

South Carolina: 

Owen Plasman

*  Indicates a child who passed away from childhood cancer

Please take a moment to reflect on these names and honor these kids.


Action Item:

Spread the word! Please share this information and ask others to do the same. Invite families you know who have fought or are fighting childhood cancer to send me the name of their child and their home state. They can email me at hollyanne (@) quiltsforcure.com.

Thank you!