Operation Smiley

Operation Smiley Update


My Friends,


Today (February 13th at writing) is important. Today marks two years since Smiley Kylie's battle against metastatic bone cancer ended. She has been missed and loved every day that has passed.

Today is also important because I have an amazing update about #OperationSmiley-- our maiden project here at Quilts for Cure, and a project that we created to celebrate Kylie's 15th birthday on the 24th.


There are 82 hearts on the design wall in my sewing room right now-- so many that it's hard to photograph them properly! 82 hearts is over 4 quilts. And, if I've kept track correctly, there's about 2 more quilts of blocks still en route. AMAZING. Thank you, dear quilters!!


This weekend and again today, I had the pleasure of stitching heart blocks with  about a dozen high schoolers. On Saturday, I met with three girls whom I love dearly, and we worked in pairs to make two blocks. Today, I went to their school for art club, and the students made five more blocks. Part of the way through the class one of the girls and I realized we knew each other-- because she was a nature study student of mine in Kylie's grade. What a special way to spend Kylie's home-going-versary-- with one of her friends.


Action Items:

  1. 1) Make a heart. It's not too late-- the response to #OperationSmiley has been so breathtaking, that I suspect I'll be finishing quilts into March. Furthermore, I'll keep finishing heart blocks into quilts as long as the hearts keep coming.
  1. 2) We need fabric and batting to finish the quilts (we have a thread sponsor who I will announce in due time). I've reached out to several companies, but if you have any connections within the quilting world that could donate supplies to meet this need, please ask them to email me at hollyanne (at) quiltsforcure.org.
  1. 3) Connect with us via social media-- @quiltsforcure on Facebook and Instagram.
  1. Hugs to all,
  1. HollyAnne