#MoreThan4QAL :: Week 7 :: Some Assembly Required

Tanya's gorgeous quilt top-- with bonus kitty!

Tanya's gorgeous quilt top-- with bonus kitty!

Happy FriYAY, Fighters and Advocates!

First, THANK YOU to our generous donors this week! #OperationSmiley Quilts are on their way to Gayle, Christine, and Jazmin! Your financial support helps us send quilts all over the country, and it helps us get quilts out right away, which is especially important if a child is in critical condition. Your funding also helps us spread the word to sewists who can help us make quilts and to families fighting cancer who can be comforted and encouraged by a beautiful quilt. Please continue to give so that we can bless more families!

In many ways, this is the last "official" week of the #MoreThan4QAL. This week, we assemble our blocks into a top, baste, and begin to quilt our quilts. Please have your quilts completed by October 31. My hope is that by then I will have enough names of children ready to receive quilts that you can each send your quilt directly to a child in treatment. 

Quilts for Cure #MoreThan4QAL

Quilts for Cure has received so much encouragement this week. Thank you all for participating in #OperationSmiley, the #MoreThan4QAL, giving funds, giving fabric, and helping to spread the word! Please keep up the amazing work! We have a LOT of kids still to bless!

Go Gold, 


Friday Fighters

Friday Fighter: Gayle Katzenback, Age 20

Gayle Katzenback, Swings Sarcoma Warrior

Good morning, Advocates and Warriors!

I know it's not actually Friday, but this story just can't wait because I need your help! 

Almost two years ago, an 18 year old Gayle was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. Her doctors were hopeful about her prognosis at the time, but after a year of typical cancer treatments, her cancer stopped responding and spread throughout her body. In December 2016, Gayle's doctors said she had stage 4 cancer, that there was nothing more that they could do, and she had six months to live. Gayle's family decided to look for other treatment options and have since been pursuing alternative methods in Arizona. NINE months later, Gayle is still fighting and her body has showed response to the treatment. Hooray! 

However, Gayle still has a long road full of treatments and struggles ahead of her. That means that she needs a quilt! Even more, she has two friends who are in treatment with her: 

Christine Danielle
18 years old - Fighting her 3rd Recurrence for Ewing's Sarcoma

Jazmin Ayotte (Soon to be Henson) 
20 yrs old - Stage 4 ACC

I'd like to send 3 #OperationSmiley quilts to Arizona for Gayle, Christine, and Jazmin. 

This is where I need your help.

The quilts are ready to go, but we need about $50 to cover shipping fees.

Please give $5 or $10 to help!

There is also a fourth friend being treated with these young ladies: Christie-- a wife and a mama of three littles with Stage 4 throat cancer. While QFC focuses on pediatric cancer patients, if you would like to send Christie a quilt (or quilts for her kiddos to comfort them as their mama fights), I would LOVE to connect you with her!!

Thank you all SO MUCH!

Go Gold,



#MoreThan4QAL :: Week 6 :: Blocks 5/5

Judy's Quilt in Progress

Judy's Quilt in Progress

Hi there, Fighters and Advocates! 

Just look at how gorgeous Judy's quilt is looking! This past week we made our next to last set of blocks. How quickly is this flying by?? Soon we'll be able to send these quilts off into the world to warm and encourage kiddos with cancer and their families! 

Since we are coming up on the end of our quilt-top making, let's talk about a few logistical things:

First, if you are participating in the QAL, please send me an email letting me know the colors and size of your quilt, and please also include your Instagram handle so I know where to tag you going forward. 

Second, we are tweaking the way we handle quilt donations. We have found that quilts make it to kiddos much faster if they are shipped directly to a child rather than passed through a hospital system. What that means is that we will do our best to have a name and address of a child for you by the end of October. Because we are still building those relationships, though, please be patient with us if it takes a little longer. 

Third, as we head toward completion, just a reminder that all quilts need to be smoke, dust, and pet-hair free. They also need to be made from all cotton fabric and at least 80/20 cotton/poly batting. Please do not let smoke anywhere near your quilt, and if you have pets, make extra sure that it is well-washed with an odor and dye-free detergent (like all-free and clear). All quilts should be laundered with odor and dye-free detergent before sending.Thank you so much for honoring these guide lines. 

HollyAnne's Quilts for Cure #MoreThan4QAL Wonky Cross Quilt

And, finally, THIS WEEK! We are finishing our blocks! Be sure to take some pictures and tag them on Instagram with #MoreThan4QAL. I love seeing your progress!

If you haven't already, please Like us on Facebook to see not only quilty updates but also important information about events in the childhood cancer awareness community. 

Go Gold!