Donate a Quilt

Donated Quilt


Due to the sensitivities of children being treated for cancer, please follow all guidelines carefully.

  • 100% Cotton fabric and batting

  • 100% New Materials (no upcycling or recycling please)

  • Size: between 36 x 36 inches (infant) and 70 x 90 inches (twin sized). Throw sized quilts are the most versatile.

  • Any tasteful pattern or design (remember, these quilts are for kids)

  • Machine quilting preferred for durability

  • Washed before mailing in a fragrance and dye-free detergent (Example: All Free and Clear). It is VERY IMPORTANT that the quilts be free from dust, animal hair, and smoke

  • Labeled: Your first name, last initial, home state, year completed, and "Quilts for Cure"

Some quilt donations go directly from the quilter to the child. This helps us minimize shipping expenses and insure that the quilt enjoys a long life of snuggles and love rather than getting lost in limbo. 

ALWAYS add tracking and insurance to your package when mailing a quilt, and please email me to let me know when a quilt has been shipped so I can watch for it / follow up with the recipient.

Does your child or a child you know have cancer? We would love to share their story and send them a quilt!