Kylie's Impact

Kylie and Quilts.jpg

When my former student, "Smiley Kylie" Myers was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2014, I didn't know her fight would someday inspire me to start Quilts for Cure. In fact, I was barely quilting at that point! What I did know was that it was entirely wrong for such a gorgeous young lady to have to fight such a horrific disease. The wrongness of it all was emphasized by the fact that Kylie's best friend, Bailey, had fought (and fortunately beat) bone cancer just a couple of years previously.

 Kylie fought Ewing's Sarcoma with courage, class, and incredible joy for almost a year. Ultimately, however, her cancer became untreatable, and she died on February 13, 2015. 

Kylie taught me that childhood cancer is too common, and I want to help find a cure. And while a cure is being sought, I want to encourage as many fighters and their families as possible. From this, Quilts for Cure has been born, and it is because of her that we refer to quilts given to kids in treatment as "Kylie's Quilts" because quilts bring joy to those they touch, just like Kylie.