Wonky X Quilt

Welcome to our Fall 2017 Quilt-Raiser!

What: Making quilts that simultaneously protest the low funding provided for childhood cancer research (less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s annual budget) while providing beautiful comfort and encouragement to children currently in treatment

Who: Individual and groups of quilters (hint: this would make a marvelous guild project that would take no time at all)

When: August and September 2017 

How: Get the FREE pattern (with three sizes) by signing up for our Newsletter (this will also make sure you stay in the loop for this and future projects)


You can jump in at any point!

(Each week of the QAL begins on Thursday)

August 17: Finish gathering fabrics and cut fabrics

August 24: sew 1/5th of your blocks (If you are making the baby quilt, you will sew 5 blocks each week; throw = 11 plus an extra one week; twin = 18 per week. The blocks are super quick– especially since we’re cutting ahead of time)

August 31: Sew another 1/5th of your blocks

September 7: Sew another 1/5th of your blocks

September 14: Sew another 1/5th of your blocks

September 21: Sew another 1/5th of your blocks

September 28: Assemble the quilt top

October: Finish the Quilt 

To finish, you have two options, like a “choose your own adventure.”

1. Finish the quilt yourself 


2. Donate the top through Quilts for Cure's "UFO Disposal Service"


  1. When cutting the initial squares (solids in the pattern), they should be cut to 9 inches (not 9 1/2). Because we are adding fabric to the squares, we should still be able to trim them back to 9 inches in order to get a 8 1/2 inch finished block. I’ve corrected this in the pattern download going out after August 12th.
  2. Which brings me to: Do you need the pattern? Sign up for our Newsletter, and you’ll be sent it automatically to download! Yay!
  3. Downloading the pattern does NOT obligate you to participate in the QAL, nor will I come hunting for you if you use it to make a quilt for yourself (it’s a pretty nifty quilt if you ask me!). We would of course LOVE it if you joined in, though!  (However, please do not distribute the pattern to anyone– even someone wanting to join the QAL. They can get it free by joining the Newsletter).
  4. The colors and layout in pattern are suggestions. You are welcome to take creative liberty with them! For that matter, even the pattern itself is a suggestion. If you want to be part of the #MoreThan4QAL and make a quilt for a child with cancer but you want to make 9 patches or snail trail blocks or something else instead, go for it! Our big goal here is to use what we love (quilting) to bless, encourage, and warm kids with cancer. 
  5. We request that quilts be machine quilted and machine bound for durability, but the design is up to you. If you meander, meander with love. If you McTavish, McTavish with love. If you send things to the long armer, do that with love! (get my drift?)
  6. I think that’s all the FAQs, but if you still have one, you can email me at hollyanne (at) quiltsforcure (dot) com.